Stockton Sod

Having the lawn of your dreams in Stockton, CA isn’t hard, in fact when you order high quality lawn sod from SodLawn, it’s really just a phone call away! Our California sod farms have dozens of varieties to choose from, and you’ll easily be able to find the right sod for your location, landscaping project, and person preference.

Our sod is fresh cut from any of our 5 California sod farms and will come straight to your door within 24 hour of ordering. Request a free quote today, call us at 888-763-5296!

Those living in other parts of the country often look at California residents in envy. They think that everyone is a surfer, and that they spend time splashing in the water and lounging on the beach every day. As a Stockton resident, you know that there is more to the state than meets the eye. When we go through one of our frequent periods of drought, the air is so hot that you might spend the day draped over your air conditioner. Those periods can also completely decimate your lawn and leave you looking at patches of dead, brown grass and dying, yellow grass. Here at SodLawn, we offer Stockton sod that will completely transform your lawn.

Our Delivery Process

When you decide to order your Stockton sod from us, we write down all the information that we need from you, including your address, the size of your lawn and the type of sod that you want. Most of our deliveries occur within three days after you place your order, and we will cut your sod fresh less than one day before making that delivery. Before we come to your house, we will call and let you know what time we will be there. We give you a two hour window, which lets you plan your day without sitting around all day and waiting for us.

How to Choose Your Stockton Sod

With so many varieties of sod to choose from, you will likely wonder which one is best for you. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call us to get some more information, and we can also offer details about all of our most popular varieties right here on our website. We even include photographs to show you the rich and vibrant colors of each version.

For Stockton residents with little shade in their yards, we recommend the Bolero, which has a nice green color and does well in sunnier areas. If you love the look of a green lawn but hate the idea of cutting and watering the lawn, we suggest the 90-10 Tall Fescue, which requires much less maintenance than other types of sod. Blue Rye, Elite Plus and Tifway 419 are some of our other good all-around sod types that require less maintenance and do well in drier climates. Call our office today to get help choosing the right sod for you or to place your order for new sod.

Service Areas

Our Sacramento Delivery area covers 14 counties near Sacramento, including Elk Grove, Yuba City, Davis, Vacanville, Napa, and Lodi.

FREE DELIVERY FOR ORDERS OVER 1000 SQ FT* (conditions and restrictions apply)

Please schedule delivery 2-3 days in advance. Your fresh sod will be delivered within 24 hours of harvesting.